Stefan Rose

M.S. Geography Candidate, Oregon State University


About Me

Hi there! I'm a current Oregon State University Graduate Student working on a variety of interdisciplinary projects including US flood insurance and population dynamics, historic spatial US doctor distributions, and regional climate risk perception vizualizations. Upon graduation, I hope to work in the public or private sector involved with program analysis, research, and data vizualizations.


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Oregon State University, Corvallis

M.S. Geography - -

Thesis based program focused on climate risk and adaptation using mixed methods interdicsplinary approaches. Teaching assistant offering in-class and online instruction for wide range of classes in College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.
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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

B.S. Environmental Management - -

Highly interdicsplinary degree program that specialized in environmental policy, climate change sciences, and geospatial technologies. Senior project research used novel geospatial data sources and methods on mapping inundation in Bangladesh.
  • Graduated cum laude.


National Flood Insurance Program

CA Climate Risk Perceptions

English Premier League Plots

Curry County Hazard Mitigation

Flood Risk Mapping Case Study

Bangladesh Inundation Mapping

Written Work Examples

Left: Mock Natural Hazards Mitigation report created for Curry County, Oregon. Report assesses most prevalent regional natural hazards and possible mitigation solutions with integration of spatial design methods to support findings. Right: Comprehensive paper analyzing the history of the National Flood Insurance Program in the United States. Insights using descriptive statistics, Government Accountability Office reports, and academic research.

Interactive Map Example

Interactive map created in R Studio using sp and leaflet packages. Figure is the predicted impacts of flooding on county-to-county out-migration based on annual county migration trends and annual county National Flood Insurance claims. Prediction impacts generated from spatial regression model utilizing IRS county-to-county migration data and county-level National Flood Insurance Program claims.


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Interconnection Representative - -

Acted as primary company representative to regional electricial utility clients. Advanced residential solar projects with facilitated project management utilizing Salesforce CRM software. Collaborated across company departments to address project escalations and specifications.